Ode to the Fallen (I’m Talking About Cancelled TV Shows)


If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and April is the cruelest,  May is the most dreadful. It’s when television networks announce which shows get renewed and which fall prey to “The Bear” (but live forever in spliced clips on YouTube). It’s a time where TV fans are left to fester in their own anxiety, repeatedly refreshing Twitter or their preferred entertainment news source. For some it’s a time of relief and for others it’s a time of complete devastation. At least for sports fans, if your team doesn’t make the playoffs or fumbles the day of the Super Bowl, at least there’s always next season. In the world of television, cancellation is the kill shot. Fatality. Game over.

Some TV shows get cancelled too soon (R.I.P The Secret Circle & Firefly) while others are given new life even though it makes no economic sense (you know who you are). Then there are the shows we all knew would stumble from the very first promos. (Sorry, Dads, Mixology, Super Fun Night, but someone had to say it.) Here I pay tribute to some of the shows that met a disappointing fate in this year’s bloodbath, ones I saw potential in and flat-out enjoyed.

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