Music Monday: Necessary Airplane Song

I love the feeling when we liftoff, watching the world so small below

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No travel bug escape is complete without music. I don’t want anything else in my ear as I wait on the runway, feeling the plane come to life beneath and around me while discretely staking a claim on the armrest. Sorry, Person Next to Me, it’s going to be a long flight! And White Lies is along for the ride! The lyrics suit the experience almost too well, it’s a bit too obvious, but the way the song builds in tandem with a departing plane and mirrors that exhilaration has been one of my staples of summer.


Music Monday: Cool Down the Pace

Normally, I’m not a fan of reggae. The exception being Bob Marley because who doesn’t know, love and respect Bob? When is Bob never the exception to the rules? I distinctly remember having a Bob poster pinned to the wall of my dorm room freshman year of college, courtesy of my surfer-slash-stoner roommate. I also distinctly remember a time before that, my dad blasting some obscure reggae track when I was already agitated thanks to the 90-degree Hawaii heat and trying to study for finals in high school. Let’s just say we had words in the latter situation. I prefer indie and alternative or rap to reggae, but the scale tipped today.

I’m currently suffering through a hazy head cold and taking DayQuil as often as the small print permits. We were driving to dinner. I had my hood pulled up over my head, shielding my eyes, miserably leaning against the car window, wishing away my runny nose and constant sneezing when Gregory Isaac’s “Cool Down the Pace” came on the radio. I expected to be annoyed, especially when my uncle insisted on singing along, but there’s something so soothing and comforting about this song. It looks like I found another exception to the rules.