Greatest of All Time: Jessica Lange (A Film Marathon)


Jessica Lange goes down as one of the greatest of all time in my book. If I were an aspiring actor, she’s the one I’d study, emulate and hope to work with one day so she can make me cry on film. Aspiring actor or not, I would still jump at the opportunity to sit at her feet and listen to her talk about acting and life both in the industry and just in her shoes. I fell in love with Lange’s work on the television anthology, American Horror Story. This monologue in particular:

Her ageless beauty! The way she paces the dialogue! The way she breathes! Legendary.

Jessica Lange has crafted a prolific career in film, theater and television. As a young actor in 1970, she ran away from college and moved to Paris, where she studied mime. (One of my favorite fun facts about her.) Clearly, her career has only gone up since then. Lange won her first Golden Globe in her film debut, the 1976 King Kong and most recently, her third Emmy for Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries, a third Dorian Award and her first Critics’ Choice Television award for her work on American Horror Story in 2013. In 2014, Marc Jacobs chose her to be the premiere model of his new high-end beauty line, Marc Jacobs Beauty. She absolutely shut down the notion that an actress loses her staying power as she ages.

Although I’m very familiar with Lange’s work on American Horror Story, I realized I haven’t seen many of her films and decided The Marathon Stars Blogathon would be the perfect opportunity. What better way to appreciate and honor the woman I consider the Modern Queen of the Monologue? I thought it’d also be fun to see the steps she took in order to be where she is in her career, repeatedly nominated, honored countlessly and widely regarded as one of the greatest ever.

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