What’s On Your DVR? Fall 2014


Last fall produced many television shows with shaky starts, but a handful managed to claw their way beyond the freshmen fifteen (scripts, an order for more, but ultimately, cancellation) and have earned permanent spots on the DVR list. Most notably, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D lagged hard at the start, but managed to capitalize on the big game-changing bomb that went off in Captain America: the Winter Solider, leaving them with high stakes and a much stronger back half of the season. Sleepy Hollow, which was fairly consistent throughout its freshman run, not only pulled off the best plot twist I’ve seen in a while, but earned it. While it took last season’s newbies some time to find their bearings, the new crop of fall 2014 shows seem reeling and ready to go right out of the gates. Here are my thoughts on some of the shows I can’t stop talking about.
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The Hierarchy of TV Watching

Some people like to eat certain foods in very specific ways. Some fold their slices of pizza in true New York fashion while others prefer to use a fork and knife. Some dunk their Oreo cookies whole and others twist them apart. Some drink their milkshake right away while others wait till it melts, resembling thick, flavored milk and find absolute childlike glee in swishing it between their teeth. Some people like to eat a certain way and I like to watch television a certain way. Some watch TV either when they air or on their own time with no game plan whatsoever. I have come up with a system that I will live and die by…at least, until technology forces change like it always does.

Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 2.57.56 PM


There is a hierarchy of TV watching, at least in my mind. There are the shows I watch live because they demand to be seen and discussed in real-time (American Horror Story and nothing else at this point); shows I DVR, that don’t demand to be viewed immediately, but that I care enough about to have it on hand for when I can watch it; shows I watch On Demand or streaming because my DVR only records two shows at a time and these are just slightly less of a priority; shows that I want to see, but I’d rather spend a week binge-watching in the summer or during hiatus.

Is it quirky? Is it crazy? Either way, it’s the way I work. TV watching is serious business!


Ode to the Fallen (I’m Talking About Cancelled TV Shows)


If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and April is the cruelest,  May is the most dreadful. It’s when television networks announce which shows get renewed and which fall prey to “The Bear” (but live forever in spliced clips on YouTube). It’s a time where TV fans are left to fester in their own anxiety, repeatedly refreshing Twitter or their preferred entertainment news source. For some it’s a time of relief and for others it’s a time of complete devastation. At least for sports fans, if your team doesn’t make the playoffs or fumbles the day of the Super Bowl, at least there’s always next season. In the world of television, cancellation is the kill shot. Fatality. Game over.

Some TV shows get cancelled too soon (R.I.P The Secret Circle & Firefly) while others are given new life even though it makes no economic sense (you know who you are). Then there are the shows we all knew would stumble from the very first promos. (Sorry, Dads, Mixology, Super Fun Night, but someone had to say it.) Here I pay tribute to some of the shows that met a disappointing fate in this year’s bloodbath, ones I saw potential in and flat-out enjoyed.

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Q&A: Gone, But Not Forgotten Television Shows

After spending the last few days being bombarded with news about renewed and cancelled TV shows, looking back at some of my favorites from the past is the perfect distraction.

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