Summer 2014: From 30,000 Feet Up


My first time on an airplane was when I was a little more than a year old. I can’t confirm or deny, but I strongly suspect I was that baby on that five-hour flight from LAX to Honolulu International who made someone two rows back turn up the volume on their Discman and swear to never have kids. I’ve flown nearly every year since and that’s how my indifference toward flight and my travel addiction took root.

Just because I feel nothing at the idea of getting on a plane doesn’t mean I don’t understand why some people would name airplanes as their most rational or most irrational fear. I can see the fear of boarding a contraption that weighs a ton yet somehow operates and sustains human life more than 30,000 feet in sky with nothing to support it other than flimsy wings and science (futuristic technology taught to humans by time traveling aliens, I’m convinced) for hours on end, inhaling recycled air, and how turbulence always seems to strike when you’re sitting on a flying porta-potty of a bathroom. For me, it’s all more of an annoyance than a fear, but I do experience crazy cabin fever two hours in. That’s when I let my mind wander.

On this particular flight from Honolulu to San José, I couldn’t help, but notice that a good 90% of the passengers had earphones in, listening to whatever tickles their fancy, calms their airplane anxiety or just sounds insanely good while killing five hours. Such an obvious, expected detail of life that most people know, but gloss over became so important to me in that moment. Something as simple as that made me realize the depth of my love for music and made me appreciate that, despite varying taste, millions of people have the same love for sounds sometimes, but not necessarily accompanied by words. It blows my mind how music can elicit many, sometimes intense reactions from different people and how so many people can share that reaction or have completely different experience of the same sound. I also realized how I would be even more out of my mind than normal if I hadn’t charged my iPod the night before.

The song playing in my ears as the plane took off:



20140616-113758.jpgPro Tip:

Whenever I hop on a plane I always pick up a sandwich from Ani’s Bake Shop (Yelp) along with me. They have the best, softest bread you will ever taste in your life. The first bite of a sandwich from Ani’s is like finding heaven and the cream rolls are divine. It’s the last thing I want to eat before leaving the island and what I crave when I’m away. I would endorse this humble little bake shop more than my favorite movie…if I had a favorite movie. I have a favorite bakery and I don’t even have a favorite movie. That should speak volumes. Whether you’re just visiting Oahu or leaving the so-called paradise, do yourself a major favor and pick up a sandwich or five, which we traditionally always do.



There are few things in this life that feel better than leaving Point A and anticipating Point B.



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