Q&A: Gone, But Not Forgotten Television Shows

After spending the last few days being bombarded with news about renewed and cancelled TV shows, looking back at some of my favorites from the past is the perfect distraction.

What was your favorite TGIF show?


Boy Meets World! I have never met someone who didn’t love or at least know of Boy Meets World. It was a show with so much heart, which I think a lot of modern shows lack. I’m intrigued by Girl Meets World and I really hope kids today will love it the way I loved (and still love, honestly) its predecessor.

What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show?


When I was a kid, before I discovered the joy of sleeping in, I was a sucker for the English versions of Japanese animated series. I always wanted a Digimon… Also, Digimon: Digital Monsters is streaming on Netflix. Come at me, nostalgia.

Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated?


I was pretty young at the time so I don’t have many memories of watching either, but you have to respect the talent that came out of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Zack Morris or AC Slater?


That Zack Morris charm. The unnerving way he would break the fourth wall and smirk right at the camera. And then there’s the hair. He always wins in the hair department.

Which show would you love to see remade?

I have three contenders in mind.

The first is So Weird, which follows a teenage girl who encounters and investigates the supernatural while on tour with her rock star mom. I’d like to see a remake with darker undertones and today’s CGI and special effects.

Second is another Disney Channel Original Series called In a Heartbeat. It centers on a group of teenagers who volunteered as part-time EMTs, inspired by a real life emergency response program run by high school students. A remake of this show would benefit from a Katims touch, similar to Friday Night Lights in styling, tone and spirit.

Third is the one that has been on my wish list for years. I wouldn’t necessarily want a remake, but a reboot of Charmed. I love fictional witches. American Horror Story: Coven had me hooked the second the title was announced. When I was younger I got my witch fix from Charmed, a show about the Halliwells, three sister witches who protect the world from evil. The series finale shows the three sisters raising their children and passing on their legacy in sets of three.

Throughout the series, we meet two of the children as adults, Chris (Drew Fuller) and Wyatt (Wes Ramsey), who travel back in time from the future. To be blunt, they were both hot, interesting characters and deserving of a spin-off. I would have loved to see the next generation of Halliwells trying to balance life with magic and kicking evil’s ass. The oldest in college, a few in high school and a couple of youngsters keeping their parents busy. They’d often find themselves in a bind and call on their mothers (and even Grams from time to time) for help and guidance. I would shamelessly watch this show.

A TV network really missed an opportunity by not pursuing a Charmed spin-off. Come on now. Wouldn’t you want to see these two faces on your TV every week?


That’s all for today and it was really fun! Now I can go back to pulling my hair out over the nerve-racking wait to find out if Parenthood is renewed or cancelled!

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Gone, But Not Forgotten Television Shows

  1. napakatie May 12, 2014 / 10:03 am

    Oh my gosh, SO WEIRD! I loved that show, and then totally forgot about it. I love that she went on to Instant Star too.

    The Charmed spin-off would be fantastic. They were a great family and I loved that it was set in San Francisco.

    ❤ for another season of Parenthood!

    Have a great week.

    • Jessyca May 12, 2014 / 9:03 pm

      I’m pretty sure my memories of So Weird are better than the actual show, but I loved it! I love Alexz Johnson and, yes, I watched Instant Star too! I even watched Final Destination 3 because she was in it. Haha I’m glad someone else agrees with me about a Charmed spin-off. And, yes, Parenthood!!!

      Thanks for the read! 🙂

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