New Music Obsession: The Zolas


My definition of “good music” isn’t even narrow or complex. I just like music that effortlessly infects my memory, makes my ears happy, and manipulates my brain into craving more. See, that’s probably the broadest definition of “good music” in the history of sound, thus I’m open to listening to music from nearly every genre. From indie bands who play tiny basement venues and don’t even have any merch on sale to rappers with sick flow and albums that resemble narrative poems recounting life struggles. I’ve always been that person who stumbles upon artists lurking beneath the mainstream radar, so imagine my surprise when my younger sister introduced me to my newest music obsession.

The Zolas are a Canadian band spreading postmodern pop love one song at a time. Their newest album, Ancient Mars, released October 2, 2012, is on repeat on my iPod and in my head. The piano, vocals and lyrics all work together to create a visceral experience of listening. If each song is an island, their lyrics build one end of a bridge and the listener uses their own experience to build the other, creating a personal connection with each song and between songs. It also doesn’t hurt that every song, every word and every hook is insanely catchy.

Ancient Mars is one of those rare creatures where I love every single song. More often than not, I like a song or two from an album and don’t care for the rest, which always leaves me feeling a little disappointed and a little guilty considering  all the time and effort the artists put in just to elicit a “meh” reaction from me. Luckily, the Zolas don’t have that problem. The album flows so well from one song to the next and I fell in love after the very first full-length listen.


Sample and buy the entire album here.

Learn more about the Zolas at their website.

Support good music.


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