Methodical Madness

While memory often fails us, ink on paper endures…unless you’re prone to fires or floods, memory loss or freak accidents then you, my friend, better start getting tattoos of the important stuff.

I started out with productive intentions, packing up my apartment, getting ready to move out at the end of the month, but somehow I ended up sitting around and looking through some of my journals. Sitting around with notebooks turned into sitting around with my MacBook, browsing the internet, hunting for notebooks, journals and doodles belonging to some of the most famous creatives of the past. It’s comforting to see that some of my greatest inspirations prescribed to a methodical madness that looks somewhat like mine.

Toying with the notion of a physician trying to write a play, Mark Twain includes potential characters such as “Rectum Jones” and “Scrofula St. Augustine.” 1884. [via]

Kurt Cobain’s journal. [via]

Diary entry by Charlotte Brontë (1816-1855) [via]

Emily Dickinson’s envelope poems. [via]

John Lennon’s manuscripts for his album Plastic Ono Band [via]

“Very early page of Philosopher’s Stone written around 1991 and showing plot-line that was abandoned. Would have changed everything!” – J.K. Rowling [via]

Brilliant minds. Crazy handwriting.

Then there’s me:


How I take notes in class.


My obsession with time and timelines. My initial four act structure and how I keep track of what every character is doing throughout a script for a one hour drama.

There is method to my madness. Don’t be fooled by my horrible handwriting.


One thought on “Methodical Madness

  1. Kelsey Lynore June 8, 2013 / 6:41 pm

    I wish there had been more famous note-taking and journaling; it was incredibly enjoyable. Thank you!

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