Oeuvre Update: Fall 2012


After serious neglect and countless, empty promises, I thought I’d attempt to revive my blog once again! This collection of short (4-7 page) scripts are stand-alone pieces I’ve written for my own personal amusement and for my dramatic writing group to practice their critiquing (roasting) skills. Instead of letting these scripts sit (and rot) on my external hard drive, I thought I’d share.

Bloodlines:  Inspired by (but not based on) true eventsBloodlines explores how difference in opinion and values inevitably impact a romantic relationship. It also involves stolen rabbits, a family of butchers and Dexter references.

Resurrectionists: New York. 1788. At a time when human dissection is against the law, how are medical students expected to learn and practice without cadavers? Easy. They steal them.

 Passive Aggressive: A noisy neat freak and a messy light sleeper with anger management issues share a single dorm room their freshmen year of college.

Playground: A little girl and her older brother attempt to escape the unescapable deterioration of their family. A secret. A text at 3 a.m. A coming of age story. (Ft. Lola from #Persona)

All works and characters are fictional. I cooked them up in this twisted head of mine and served them up in words for you. Stealing isn’t cool. Feedback is always welcomed!

I’ll hopefully start updating this blog more often… We’ll see.

(Unrelated side note: The picture above is the view from my apartment window. Isn’t Portland pretty in the fall?) 


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